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Working very closely with Marshalls, we offer a wide range of blocks and kerbs to compliment your property.

The latest Marshalls brochure can be seen here in PDF format.

With our estimate, we will also provide a copy for you to peruse at your leisure. 

Sample blocks can also be obtained should you be having difficulty choosing!

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Below is an example of Marshall's latest driveway products

brick block paving

Fairstone Setts

Elegant driveways designed using specially graded Fairstone Indian Sandstone setts enhance the kerb appeal of any property.

Fairstone setts bring out the natural beauty of real stone and blend well with most paving designs to create harmonious garden and driveway solutions.

Elegant driveways designed using specially graded Fairstone Indian Sandstone setts enhance the kerb appeal of any property.

Fairstone setts bring out the natural beauty of real stone and blend well with most paving designs to create harmonious garden and driveway solutions.

large area paved

Drivesett Tegula Range

Create classic block paving with Britain's favourite aged driveway setts, providing a traditional finish to complement a range of different property styles.

Drivesett Tegula

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Drivesett Tegula Jumper Block

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Drivesett Tegula Priora
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Drivesett Tegula Circle & Octant
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side block paving

Drivesett Duo Range

Cleverly designed featuring a reversible block with two subtly contrasting colours, Drivesett Duo expands laying options by allowing installers to create a random effect or build a formal pattern into the driveway.

Drivesett Duo

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Drivesett Duo Circle

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drivesett paving

Drivesett Tegula Deco

Drivesett Tegula Deco is a smaller, tumbled rustic block with a unique and individual finish, suitable for driveway and patio use.

Blending well with most other paving styles, Drivesett Tegula Deco is supplied in one size only to create a traditional and regular coursed effect.

Drivesett Argett

Drivesett Argent

The granite look and feel of Drivesett Argent block paving is designed to complement the more contemporary driveway style.

Drivesett Argent

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Drivesett Argent Priora

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Drivesett Argent Circle

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Drivesett Natrale

Drivesett Natrale

Available in realistic natural stone colours, Drivesett Natrale offers an attractive lower cost alternative to natural stone that also benefits the environment by leaving a lower carbon footprint. A wide variety of faces and four block sizes help ensure a random pattern in large areas, and also helps break up uniformity.

Driveline Excel

Driveline Excel

Designed to create individual driveway styles, Driveline Excel features an attractive riven finish and is supplied in packs containing three different block sizes for random coursed laying patterns.

Driveline 50

Driveline 50 Range

Made to last, Britain's most popular block paving now incorporates significant colour enhancements and textural improvements, with wear and fade resistance and a deep, rich colour throughout the block.

Drivesett 50 Vintage

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Drivesett 50

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Driveline Priora

Driveline Priora

Offering a permeable alternative to Driveline 50, the Driveline Priora permeable paving system features Marshalls patented 'Priora' nib design allowing surface water to pass between blocks into a specially calculated sub-base without compromising the structural performance of the driveway.

Driveline Circles

Driveline Circles/Octants

Designed to complement the versatile Driveline range of block paving, Driveline Circles and Octants are available in a choice of colours and finishes.

Driveline Excel Octants feature an attractive riven finish in Burnt Ochre and Brindle shades. Octants may be joined together to create larger patterns.

Bioverse Paving

Bioverse Paving System

A Bioverse System driveway is a naturally better way to create a driveway that looks great and also has a positive impact on the environment. Easily constructed using Bioverse modules, Bioverse grass seed and a Bioverse sub-base, the system will take carbon from the atmosphere and become carbon neutral over the life of the product.



Designed for the creation of additional parking space whilst retaining the environmental benefit of a natural grassed area, Grassguard provides a sustainable alternative to traditional block paving.

Channels & Drainage

Channels & Drainage

Expanding the potential for domestic drainage solutions, Driveline and Drivesett channels are designed to channel excess water to soakaway within property boundaries in line with developing legislation.

Driveway Security Post

Driveway Security Post

For added security, telescopic security posts offer a cost effective option for limiting entry to or exit from driveways. When retracted, only the hinged plate is visible.

Kerbs & Edgings

Kerbs And Edgings

Kerbs and Edgings incorporate a comprehensive selection developed to add the perfect finishing touch for driveway designs.

Designed for use with all styles of block paving, Keykerb is available in two sizes and in bullnosed, half battered, splay and chamfered profiles.

50mm standard concrete block

Standard Concrete Block Paving 50mm

A no frills range of standard 200 x 100mm concrete block paving.

  • 50mm coloured concrete block paving suitable for driveways, paths
  • or patios
  • Robust enough for normal pedestrian and domestic vehicle use
  • Standard Block Paving is made in different factories in England,
  • Scotland and Wales therefore variations in colour and tone
  • may occur
  • It is recommended that you mix blocks from different packs to
  • minimise shade differences and achieve optimum colour blend
  • Joint filling sand and Keybond are recommended

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